OOAK - PVC Minimay X YEONUBI X HANON Collaboration
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* OOAK - PVC Minimay X YEONUBI X HANON Collaboration *

* Collaboration

Doll : Blue fairy PVC Minimay.
Painting : Little sweet / Yeonubi /
Dress : HANON / Hanon (Head dress, Dress, socks) /
Photo : Moi aterier /

* Sales Method
Blind Auction - Customer to provide their bidding price via E-mail within the auction time, and the customer who offers the highest price will win this auction.

* Auction Time

July 1st, 2017, 00:00 ~ July 2nd, 2017, 23:59 (in Korean Time)

* Bidding Starting Price
USD 300

* E-mail Bidding Format
E-mail Address :
E-mail Title : Bid Price (Please state your bid price on the title.)
E-mail Body : 1. In case the first winner cancels the bid, we are going to contact the next best price bidder. Do you want to be listed on that waiting list? : Yes or No
              2. In case you win the auction, do you want to open your ID & the price? :  Yes or No

Please read below carefully before place the bid.

※ This product is manufactured by Slush Molding system, hence the manufacturing defects may exist on the surface of dolls, such as tiny dots, bubbles, scrates or etc.
※ This product is the machine rooted hair product, so there might exist individual differences for the way of hair parting or the way of hair rooted.
※ Color of hair may be changed to a similar one without announcement depending on the circumstances of the supply.
※ Due to nature of hand-made painting service, the symmetry might not be perfect and the individual differences might be exist.
※ Due to nature of PVC dolls, it may be stained when you erase the default painting.
※ Color in the picture may vary depending on your equipment(PC, smart phone, etc) setting.
※ Asymmetry of arms or legs might exist due to unavoidable hand-made manufacturing process, as the strength of pulling parts out from molds cannot be same each time.

▶ Any exchange or refund requests due to the reasons described here will not be acceptable.


Measurement of PVC Minimay*

Please note that these sizes may vary depending on the measuring rulers or measuring way.

* Height (including head) : 20cm
* Head Circumference : 10cm / 4inch (including the hairs)
* Arm Length (to wrist) : 5.7cm
* Shoulder Width : 2.9cm
* Bust Size : 8.8cm
* Waist Size : 7.2cm
* Hip Size : 9.7cm
* Leg Length (from lower waist to ankle): 9.5cm
* Foot Length : 1.9cm
* Ball of Foot : 0.8cm
* Hand Length : 1.5cm
* Hand Width : 2.4cm
* Neck Circumference : 3.4cm

※ Care & Maintenance of PVC Minimay*

- Please put the vinyl cap on the head when you don't play with the doll, this way will prevent the tangles or stains.
- Please use the wet tissues or magic block cleaners sofely to wipe the stain out and please make sure not to wipe out the painted part, it may erase the default painting.
- Asymmetry of arms or legs might exist due to unavoidable manufacturing process, as the strength of pulling parts out from molds cannot be same each time. We do match their length as much as possible, but it might shrink back to the orginal length as time goes by. In this case, please soak the shorter part into warm water and stretch them carefully to adjust the length to the other part when it gets soften.
- PVC body can be discolored very easily, it would be better to undress her when you don't play with her.
- All the parts of PVC Minimay without the arms are made of solid materials. If you need to detach parts, please soften them first by soaking them in warm water. It will help you detach them easily.
- The product will be fixed tightly to the package for safety reason during the shipment, hence the hair dent might exist. In this case, please soak the hairs in the warm water and wave them carefully, the dent will be gone.

※ Check

Please note that the length of Doll's arms or legs might vary. PVC dolls have an unavoidable process of pulling each part out from the mold by human hands. As the human hands cannot be perfect, the length of arms or legs which supposed to be same, might vary slightly. We try our best to select the parts as neat as possible so that we can provide the best quality to our customers. But due to the nature of the PVC dolls' raw materials, sometimes deformation of the parts might occur under the hot or cold temperature. For any deformed parts, you can easily adjust the length by soaking them into warm waters or heating with hair drier and strech the part out before it get cold.

※ Care & Maintenance of Outfit Full Set
- Please be carefull not to scratch the shoes as they are painted.
- Please underss the outfit when you don't play with dolls as it might cause stains on the body.




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